BusyShift (beta): bringing technology and the care of patients together

Some shifts are just plain busier than other shifts. BusyShift (beta) understands all the nuances and challenges faced by healthcare professionals. BusyShift (beta) captures all your healthcare intervention reminders in one quick, intuitive and easy to use app.


What is Busyshift?

(v1.1) BusyShift (beta) is a smartphone app for nurses and midwives. BusyShift helps healthcare professionals deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time. BusyShift delivers gentle reminders for a comprehensive list of bedside treatment options. BusyShift helps you to ensure each of your patients receives the care they need at a time that’s right.

BusyShift has been grown to benefit health care professionals and their patients in, for example: post-natal wards, medical or surgical referral units, everyplace where multiple patients are treated. It has been designed with humanitarian agencies and Defence agencies in mind. Such as in multi-casualty events caused by earthquakes or tsunamis or in any environment where healthcare professionals have to respond and care for high numbers of patients. Where resources are affected by demand BusyShift (beta) is there to help every patient receive timely treatment and at the right time.

Download the app, once beta testing is complete 1, select the number of patients you are looking after, give each patient a bed (no patient information is put into the app so to maintain patient confidentiality) and move through the intuitively designed app. BusyShift comes with easy to navigate drop down menus. It allows you to set reminders for a variety of drug administrations, interventions and observations – keeping you and your patient safe as well as cared for.

1 In its beta format free version, it is possible to access one bed only. It is still possible to access the features and provide feedback. Keep visiting the website and social media for updates about our progress.


Stay in Charge

BusyShift (beta) helps you stay in charge. Set-up BusyShift (beta) at handover and it will sit silently in your pocket until the time you told it to remind you to deliver time appropriate care. When things change, update the app. In case of an emergency simply mute the app and it will remember all the things you needed to do when the dust settles again.

Pre-filled with Relevant Information

BusyShift (beta) is pre-filled with medically prescribed interventions. It makes it easy for you to select the right information for your patients. BusyShift (beta) is quick, easy to use and efficient. BusyShift (beta) is a is an app that uses the technology millions of healthcare professionals carry in their pockets every day.

Maintains Patient Confidentiality

There is no need to input patient details. Simply select the bed and attach all the treatment in the pre-filled drop down menus. BusyShift (beta) will remind you when the care is due leaving you to carry out all your other important tasks safe in the knowledge that BusyShift (beta) will remind you when the next treatment is due for your patient.

Ampoule Checker

BusyShift (Beta) uses healthcare professional’s smartphone inbuilt camera and its light to help ensure that patients receive the right drugs. Helpful for tired eyes, when the ambient light is low or working night shifts. Utilising the inbuilt features of the smartphone helps ensure the right drug is administered to the right patient.



What you are looking at is the beginning. It is the beginning of a journey into making healthcare delivery better for all: providers and patients alike. Life expectancy trends and medical advances mean that nearly everyone will receive treatment in hospital all over the world at least once in their lifetime. BusyShift isn’t there to help with demand or resourcing but it is there to help healthcare providers to deliver the best possible care they can to their patients.


Not every shift will be a busy shift but when it is know that BusyShift (beta) will help you through . BusyShift (beta): helping you deliver the right care to the right patient at the right time.